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Zero Tolerance Magnet

Whistleblowers are American Heroes.

The Alliance For Whistleblowers supports
Zero Tolerance for Retaliation Against Whistleblowers -
As the Legislative Priority of the Community of Whistleblowers

Under Construction: This site is still in its early stage of design.

Quick Link: See the current version of Mr. Day's draft for the (ZTRA).

Buy a Magnet: If you would like to show your support for this effort to end retaliation, please purchase a refrigerator magnet and display it where others will see it. They cost $10.00 each plus 6% sales tax with free shipment. Thank you.
Zero Tolerance Magnet

Become a Member: The Memberships are also on hold pending the approval of the amended articles.

Articles of Incorporation: Due to the final rule for crowdfunding approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SCC) we are in the process of amending the articles of incorporation to . When this process is completed we will repost the articles and the bylaws.

Classes of Stock: Other than the initial sale of stock for organizational purposes, we will not be offering any additional shares until after approval of the revised articles. The amendment will provide for three classes of stock: Class A common stock will be voting and participating and sold only to whistleblowers at an initial offering price of $100 per share with a 10 share limit; Class B common stock will be non-voting participating and sold to family and friends of whistleblowers at an initial offering price of $100 per share with a 10 share limit; Class C preferred stock will be non-voting and participating and sold to sophisticated investors at an intial offering of $1,000 per share with no limit. Board has established the price per share as $100.00. The intent is that every whistleblower will become a stockholder, however, sales of stock are on hold pending other decisions to be made by the Board.

Who Are We? The Alliance For Whistleblowers, Inc. is a stock corporation formed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The registered agent is:
Thomas F. Day, II
PO Box 16495
Washington DC 20041

Our Board of Directors:

Thomas Day
Executive Vice President
Ben Strickland
Legal Counsel
Ern Reynolds
Board Member
Barbara King-Searles
Advisor to the Board
Judge London Steverson,
ALJ (Retired)



Our Next Meeting: Our next meeting is schedule for 8:00 p.m., Saturday, March 4, 2016. In order to accomodate a geographically dispersed audience, the meeting will be held using the teleconferencing capabilities of Skype for Business. If you would like to particapate, email Mr. Day at for teleconferencing information.

Minutes from Earlier Meetings:

Our Newsletter:
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